Who We Are

What do you get when you cross an attorney with a baseball fanatic? A natural born agent! KASE Management is a full service sports management and sports marketing agency in the Atlanta GA area, specializing in the baseball industry. Our staff has a unique knowledge of the sport, its inner workings, and how to help our clients achieve the maximum benefits from their career, both personally and monetarily.

What We Do

We help our players to reach the top of the sport of baseball in all aspects. Aside from career management from a business perspective, we have our own training facility to help our players stay in shape in the off-season. Our marketing experts also work to groom players for the spotlight and increase their visibility, thereby helping to secure top-level endorsements.

Our Vision

Our vision for our agency combines both our passion for the sport of baseball itself and the integrity with which we think business should be conducted. We strive to not only provide the best baseball career management from a logistical standpoint – both on and off the field – but to also encourage the development of the player as a complete individual who crafts a legacy of quality and character.

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